Andrew BRIEN

Born in Hornsby, Sydney he moved up to Brisbane and with his family made it his home until he was 20, when he spread his wings and moved back down to Newcastle. Andrew lived there and raised three children, Hayden (20), Metiesha (10), Tyren (9) and after his father passed away in 2014, moved back again to live close by his family here in Brisbane. Most noted for his hard work and love of family, a funny sense of humour (he actually wrote all this) and his dashing good looks (see previous context in brackets). Andrew is keen to take on the role as a Husband to Joanne, a Step-Father to her two daughters and thanks all his family and friends for the love and support they show.



Born in Auckland (NZ), Jo moved over to Australia at the tender age of 17. She had a love of photography and modelling, and also worked with a pyrotechnics company in Canberra doing large firework displays. Jo settled in Brisbane in 2000 and raised her two girls Tayla (16) and Shannon (12) whilst continuing with her modelling and fashion management career. Most noted for her work ethic and stringent saving regimen, Jo has done an amazing job as a single mum and kept a very good balance between raising her children and providing them with a home. Jo’s mum Lorraine came over from New Zealand two years ago and the four girls now live a happy and loving life together.


Our celebration will take place at the beautiful CEDAR CREEK LODGES located at the corner of Cedar Creek Falls Rd, Thunderbird Park, Tamborine Mountain


Our celebration will take place on
25th February 2017 at 3.30pm
in the Rainforest Amphitheatre with the reception to follow from 5pm in the adjoining Island Glade venue.

RSVP: 4th February 2017
via txt message to
Andrew 0434 056 089
Jo 0405 442 638
or messenger.


Jo and Andrew have requested that no gifts are given, but a "wish them well" is available for offers of gratitude.